Supporting Communities

Billbergia’s support of important charitable and humanitarian causes is evidence of the company’s strong social and ethical values and commitment to caring about people. Over the years Billbergia has carried over their philosophy of ‘Creating Communities’ to include helping the local organizations to flourish, as well as supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Billbergia have a long-term commitment to schools in the local area, in addition to consistently supporting the Rhodes and Shepherds Bay (Meadowbank) Community Centres and taking contributing to the annual Ryde Rivers Festival.

Hope For Cambodian Children Foundation Inc. (HOPE) is Billbergia’s main focus of support. (HOPE) is an Australian non-government, not-for-profit organisation which aims to give a future to children whose lives have been affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Cambodia and seeks to provide support, healthcare and education to children and families.

HFCC has built a centre in Battambang Cambodia to care for a growing community of over 150 children, dedicated to providing shelter, food, clothing, medicine and education to children and families who are poor, at risk, orphaned, abandoned, sick, or suffering from HIV/AIDS.  Most of the 100 or more children at HFCC are orphans. Since 2005, with the support of Billbergia’s Managing Director John Kinsella, HFCC has flourished and has now expanded its programs beyond the orphanage and is now reaching out to the assist the wider community. At the HFCC Centre the children are provided with catch up programs so they can return to school. These programs include after-school classes that are also available to the poorest families in the community. HFCC operates HIV-prevention programs and supports those most at risk of contracting HIV as well as other health and hygiene education

Everyone at Billbergia shares a special bond with HOPE.  Over the years Billbergia has received wonderful support from consultants, suppliers and prominent individuals keen to help and support this worthy cause which John Kinsella and his team at Billbergia are so passionate about.

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