The Billbergia Group is structured to be able to manage the entire property investment, development, construction, marketing and sales process, ensuring an integrated approach and delivery. Billbergia’s in-house professional skills include: development management; construction management; design; project management; civil engineering; structural engineering; plant hire; quality assurance; project marketing and sales; finance and legal work. The group concentrates its business units on three core property areas to ensure ‘start-to-finish’ management. These comprise:

  1. Property Development, including finance and investment.
  2. Construction, including plant and equipment hire.
  3. Project Marketing and Sales.

Billbergia adheres to the following strategic operational philosophies:

  • Ensuring the group holds the capabilities to manage the entire property life cycle process helps Billbergia manage the natural business risk associated with property investment and development cycles.
  • Involvement from an early stage in the property development cycle allows Billbergia to optimise property values.
  • Management across the entire property lifecycle helps Billbergia optimise lifestyle outcomes, and living up to their motto “Creating Communities” as well as delivering ecologically sustainable developments.
  • Investing in a loyal team of long standing employees, consultants and contractors as well as plant and equipment helps Billbergia manage delivery risk outcomes.
  • Taking an ethical position on all matters and being transparent throughout business processes establishes an environment that encourages healthy partnerships and employment continuity.