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Billbergia is a fully licensed Water Servicing Coordinator and we are able to assist you in lodging your application with Sydney Water. In order to efficiently and effectively lodge your application, you need to provide us with WSC fees which includes the application fee with Sydney Water; the development plan, preferably in electronic format; and Council’s development consent (if available). These documents are attached to the application form which is lodged electronically through Sydney Water’s e-Developer System. Billbergia, as your WSC, will liaise with Sydney Water right through the process.

Application Form for Sydney Water Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

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Guide to Obtaining a Section 73 Certificate

Local Councils require a Development Application to be lodged when a new development is proposed unless a development proposal is exempt. A condition of the Council Consent is a requirement for the applicant to obtain a Section 73 Certificate from Sydney Water. You will need to obtain your Section 73 Certificate and meet all conditions of consent before you will be given final Council approval to occupy the building or register your subdivision at the Land Titles Office.

Steps in Obtaining a Section 73 Certificate Using the e-Developer System

  1. Select a Water Servicing Coordinator to apply for you.
  2. Receive a letter called a Notice od Requirements from Sydney Water.
  3. Pay any applicable charges and build any works that may be required to service the development.
  4. Receive Section 73 Certificate.

Receive Notice of Requirements

After processing your application, Sydney Water will issue a Notice of Requirements through the WSC. The Notice of Requirements will specify what you need to do to obtain your certificate. The Notice will be based on the assessment of your proposed development and how it impacts on Sydney Water’s systems. It will also specify the charges payable to Sydney Water. The Notice of Requirements is issued to the Coordinator, generally within 21 days of receiving the application. Complex applications may take longer. If works need to be built, certification will depend on how long the works take to be constructed and taken over by Sydney Water.

Pay charges and build works

Sydney Water may impose developer charges, contract administration fees, and reticulation recovery fees. Billbergia, as your WSC, can undertake the design and project management of any required works. Once works are completed satisfactorily, they are taken over as part of the Sydney Water system.

Receive Section 73 Certificate

Once all requirements have been met, Sydney Water will issue a Section 73 Certificate to the Water Servicing Coordinator. This can then be provided to Council. For more information on Sydney Water’s requirements involving building, developing or subdividing, refer to www.sydneywater.com.au.

Guide to Obtaining a Building Plan Approval

As part of their Conditions of Consent, local Councils require that building plans be checked by Sydney Water prior to commencing construction works. The applicant/developer submits his plans to a Quick Check agent for approval. Where the proposed development is outside the Zone of Influence of Sydney Water’s infrastructure or assets (sewer and/or water mains), Quick Check notes the plans as “Assets Not Affected”. However, if the proposed development encroaches on Sydney Water’s infrastructure, Quick Check then refers the applicant to a Water Servicing Coordinator.

Steps in Obtaining a Building Plan Approval from Water Servicing Coordinator:


  1. Applicant pays Quick Check the building plan approval fee. Quick Check issues an “Application Lodgement Summary” which details the applicant’s information and property information including the Dolfin Number, Quick Reference Number and Property Number.
  2. The applicant must ensure that a Dolfin Number is shown on the Application Lodgement Summary. The Dolfin Number is vital for the WSC to be able to process the application.
  3. Arrange for a Service Protection Report (Peg Out) from a Sydney Water accredited supplier. A list of accredited suppliers can be found in Sydney Water’s website, www.sydneywater.com.au under the “Building and Developing” section.
  4. Once the “peg out” has been done the applicant must arrange to have the Sydney Water asset shown on the architectural site plan and refer the plan to his/her engineer to update the structural drawings to show the asset protection required.

Contact Billbergia Pty Ltd (WSC) for appointment to process and issue the building plan approval. The applicant must bring a copy of the Application Lodgement Summary, Service Protection Report, Site Plan showing the Sydney Water asset, and the engineer’s details (if applicable).

A. Billbergia as your Watering Servicing Coordinator will check that the:

  1. Dolfin Number is shown on the Quick Check receipt (“Application Lodgement Summary”).
  2. Service Protection Report has been provided.
  3. Building plans show the sewer on the site plan and the Zone of Influence.
  4. Structural details have been provided to show how the Sydney Water asset is to be protected.

B. Billbergia as your Water Servicing Coordinator will check that the:

  1. Refer the application to Sydney Water for their requirements and/or comments if the asset is longer than 150 or 225mm in diameter;
  2. Inform the applicant of the requirements for the Building Plan Approval;
  3. Ensure that the design requirements are reflected on the engineering plans prior to approving the building plan application.

C. Billbergia as your Water Servicing Coordinator will check that the:

  1. Ensure that all Building Over Sewer /Building Adjacent to Sewer (BOS/BAS) applications and associated works are approved and carried out in accordance with the relevant Sydney Water Standards and Supplier instructions.
  2. Ensure that an accredited Constructor of Minor Works (Sewer) or a Constructor (S1) is engaged to carry out any work required on Sydney Water assets such as concrete encasement of sewer or relocation of a junction.
  3. Inspect and certify the works.
  4. Submit a Project Completion Package to Sydney Water within twenty-eight days following certification of the works.

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