In the recent Aug/Sept issue of ‘Property Australia’ magazine, Scott Carver Director Bob Perry talks about the new Wentworth Point Bridge and Billbergia’s involvement in it.

Quick facts about the Wentworth Point/Rhodes bridge:
– 15,000 people will be linked to each other.
– It will be 11.5 metres wide.
– It will be 400 metres long.
– It is expected to be completed in 2016.

Connection and community are the keys to a successful local development.

Connection to the wider social fabric is an important ingredient for making a vibrant and liveable community. In the case of Sydney’s Wentworth Point Marinas residential development, the key to a better outcome for everyone literally involves building a (400m) bridge across Homebush Bay to Rhodes.

The most remarkable aspect of this project is that the Wentworth Point property owners formed an alliance to finance and construct the bridge through a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) process with the New South Wales Government.

Design studio Scott Carver has been working on the Wentworth Point Marinas master plan project with Billbergia Developments for almost a decade. The firm worked closely with all stakeholders on the master plan, which increased the peninsula’s dwelling capacity and established greater variety in building envelope profiles.

Billbergia MD John Kinsella originally proposed the idea of a footbridge, which would allow residents at Wentworth Point to access the retail areas and rail connection at Rhodes, and the ferry terminal and amenities at Wentworth Point.

Designing a bridge that will also carry buses, making it a linkage completely dedicated to public and people-powered transport, expanded the initial vision for the master plan. Scott Carver facilitated communicating the design case for higher density through stakeholder liaison, and policy and planning negotiations; and assisted in brokering approval from the two relevant Councils – Canada Bay Council and Auburn Council.

“This is a bridge in more than the physical sense,” explained Scott Carver director, Bob Perry.

“These are quite dense communities of 15,000 people on each peninsula, so the social amenity has to be done property.
“Our interest and Billbergia’s interest is in social outcomes, and the bridge adds significant social value to the development.”

The 400m long, 11.5m wide balanced cantilever bridge is expected to be completed in 2016. tenders are open for its construction.

“Wentworth Point is one of Sydney’s most significant adventures in the design of connected urban density, and is now one of the NSW Government’s new Urban Activation Precincts,” said Bob Perry.

“As a practice, we have a fascination with mixed use projects that create unique value for clients and to the city, and creating great architecture that also makes a positive contribution to society.”

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