We’re proud to have achieved recognition from David Chandler, the NSW Building Commissioner for the Rhodes Central project. Congratulations to everyone involved in this benchmark project.

“…Already the OC Audit program is revealing examples of both excellent and poor practice. Often the good practices are under reported. It is these projects that set the benchmarks that those who have yet to make a commitment to building trustworthy buildings must seek to aspire. While it is important to call out poor practice players, it is equally as important for consumers to understand that the majority of developers and builders are committed to delivering high quality buildings.

Companies ranging from the big end of town right through to small players are setting the standard with projects like Ora Doll’s Point by Helm, Meriton Suites Waterloo, Billbergia’s Rhodes Central, St Leonard’s Square by Mirvac. These companies have stable teams of managers, designers and contractors. For the consumer as well as the builders and surveyors, these are vital considerations in selecting a property to purchase.

 “We’re not just here to spot the problems,” says David Chandler. “We’re here to inspire excellence. That’s how we’ll rebuild consumer confidence and get our industry firing on all cylinders. I want people to know what we expect and what to aim for. We all want to be proud of what is being achieved and I know our industry can be world-class…”

The first two stages of Rhodes Central,
stage 1 & 2 are commencing settlements in three months.
Stage 3 follows the success story and is selling now.

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